Anti-Zionism with a Silver Lining

February 5, 2009 at 13:23 1 comment

It is often said that people who are anti-Zionists are really just antisemites who have found a new and more “sophisticated” way of expressing their antipathies toward Jews. Even though there obviously needn’t be a one-to-one correlation in theory, it more often than not turns out that anti-Zionists tend to express antisemitic views more often than people who don’t have any clear opinion about Jewish national aspirations. Even less surprisingly, antisemites tend to be anti-Zionists as well.

In recent days, we’ve seen examples of the failure of people to keep their anti-Zionism from sliding into antisemitism in connection to the international Holocaust Memorial Day.  I’ve already written a blog post about how the cathedral in the city of Luleå canceled a memorial ceremony because of the violence in Gaza, and today I noticed that also the former arch-Bishop of Sweden, K G Hammar, who’s a well-known critic of Israel, has slipped down the same shameful slippery slope — all according to this article in Svenska Dagbladet.

In light of such depressing developments, I’m actually refreshed to read this article by Fredrik Persson in Sydsvenska Dagbladet from February 3, where he attacks antisemitism from within the anti-Zionist leftwing camp. Persson rejects comparisons between Nazi Germany and Israel in all its forms as well as various forms of theories about Zionist conspiracies, and writes that all radicals or anti-racists should keep away from such expressions.

He then refutes a commonly heard counter-claim, stating that rejecting such antisemitic themes and imagery is not a capitulation to Israel, but in fact a sine qua non for anyone who wants his or her criticism of Israel to be taken seriously.

I don’t suppose I agree with Fredrik Persson on many things with regards to Israel and the Mid East conflict, but I do agree with him on this point. It’s a shame that something that should be so obvious is so rare.



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  • […] Over the last few years, increasing focus has been placed on how antisemitism is also creeping into some leftwing groups, paradoxically enough, often under the cover of anti-racism (and as a part of a larger package of anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, anti-Zionism and anti-whatever). Most mainstream left-wingers seem to be blind to this phenomenon, or choose not to talk about it, although there are honorable exceptions. […]


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