Neighbors in the Blogosphere III

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Per Gudmundson doesn’t merely spread pearls of wisdom on the op-ed pages of Svenska Dagbladet — he also keeps a blog that I highly recommend. In one of his latest blog posts, Gudmundson calls attention to an interesting detail in the planning for a future episode of the TV-show Existens (“Existence”) on Swedish Public Television, SVT. Existens is a secular TV-show that deals with the meeting between religion and societal developments.

Now they’ve decided to look into how the escalating Mid East conflict influences religion. Sounds like an excellent idea to me. As Per Gudmundson points out, the former archbishop of Sweden, K G Hammar, isn’t prepared to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust because of his antipathy toward Israel, a high-profile trial is on in Malmö where a local charitable organization is accused of having channeled millions to Hamas, Jewish community buildings have been the target of arson attacks and a peaceful manifestation in support of Israel has been attacked by violent counter-demonstrators. And all of this in the last month.

In light of this development it seems timely indeed to look at whether, and if so how, religion plays into this wave of antisemitism that has risen in Sweden. According to an e-mail published here by Per Gudmundson, the focus of the show will apparently be Islam (Christianity isn’t mentioned at all). But interestingly enough, Eva Renström, who penned the e-mail in question, has apparently noticed growing Jewish radicalization and intolerance. Among the Jews in Sweden.

Really? Has she found Jews attacking pro-Palestinian demonstrators, violently breaking up their demonstrations? Has she come across Jews collecting money for some secret and unknown Jewish terror organization that murder Palestinian civilians? Has she heard of Jews burning down mosques or attacking Muslim community centers?

That’s a show I’ll make sure to watch.

Per Gudmundson also writes about this interesting choice of angle here in SvD.


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