Left Party Leader Fan of Antisemitic Blog?

February 12, 2009 at 16:56 5 comments

Most people are used to think of antisemitism as something that racists, neo-Nazis and other rightwing extremist weirdos waste their time on. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones.

Over the last few years, increasing focus has been placed on how antisemitism is also creeping into some leftwing groups, paradoxically enough, often under the cover of anti-racism (and as a part of a larger package of anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, anti-Zionism and anti-whatever). Most mainstream left-wingers seem to be blind to this phenomenon, or choose not to talk about it, although there are honorable exceptions.

Now it seems that this form of, what’s been dubbed “the New Antisemitism” has reached the inner sanctum of Swedish leftwing politics. In the Swedish journalist union paper Journalisten, Lars Ohly — member of the Swedish parliament and leader of the Left Party — lists his favorite blogs. Number two is a blog called Jinge. It’s run by a member of Ohly’s party and its content is way over on the deep end of the cesspool of antisemitism.

A few examples, highlighted in Sydsvenskan by the Swedish Committee against Antisemitism (SKMA):

“If Obama hadn’t crawled before the Jewish Zionist mafia AIPAC & Co, we would never have heard of him, US policy is governed directly from Tel Aviv”.

“The Zionists has bought all resistance within the most important sectors of the world with the billions of dollars from the Holocaust industry”.

Or how about this one (tricky to explain away as “criticism of Israel, I’d imagine):

“Talmud encourages the Jews to kill Christians”.

Surely, Lars Ohly can’t really think that this drivel is one of the best blogs on the internet? “Always updated and current”? I’m not the only one to ask this question.

We’re impatiently awaiting Ohly’s response.


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The Day after… Associations and Other Occupational Hazards

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  • 2. Yehoshua  |  February 16, 2009 at 12:19

    As a Tel-Avivian, I’m actually quite pleased to learn of my profound influence on the leader of the free world…

  • 3. Mikael Tossavainen  |  February 16, 2009 at 12:34

    It is indeed a reason to rejoice, that our influence in Washington DC is supposedly so great. Just a pity we don’t have the same kind of influence on the people in the Israeli capital…

  • 4. Herostratos  |  February 22, 2009 at 09:55

    The latest news is that the Davis Cupe tie between Sweden and Israel in Malmö is not open to the public. The local authorities cite security concerns as the main reason.

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