Spat over Sponsoring Supermarket

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Tel Aviv turns 100 this year. Predictably enough, the City is going to celebrate this fact, and just as predictably these celebrations have already caused controversy.

The small, but well-organized, Haredi community in the City of Sin is enraged by the fact that a special festive Shabbat morning prayer service planned to be held in the dilapidated Great Synagogue on Allenby Street is sponsored by AM : PM. The problem is that AM : PM is a supermarket chain that stays open 24/7 — i.e. violates Shabbat every single week. Local rabbis are up in arms, likening the decision to spitting in the face of religious Tel Avivians and calling for a boycott of the event.

This, in turn, has annoyed City Council member Tami Zandberg (Meretz):

“There is nothing wrong with choosing AM : PM as the sponsors. It’s not a part of any discourse. This is a delusional, benighted call. I’m not praising the fact the a commercial chain was chosen as a sponsor – I would have preferred to see the events sponsored by a cultural institute, and I, myself, oppose opening businesses on Shabbat because of social reasons.

It is a shame that the rabbis cannot see their way to form cooperation on the matter and choose instead to hail obsolete messages”.

Incidentally, the 100% secular Amos Oz is quoted in today’s Yediot saying that he thinks that shopping malls etc. should keep closed on the day of rest.

I guess that’s easy to say if you’re a world famous author and don’t have to work 45 hours a week. You just go to the mall on a regular Tuesday morning, when all the Shabbat desecrating wage-slaves are at work.


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