Coffee, Crowns and Conspiracies

March 12, 2009 at 09:38 Leave a comment

It’s well known that the public discourse in the Middle East offers plenty of comic relief — not least when supposedly serious people make silly statements about Jews. This is something that I’ve written about before.

This time around, it was a cleric by the name of Safwat Higazi who declared on Egyptian TV that all Arabs and Muslims should boycott Starbucks. And no, not because their coffee is like making love in a canoe, and not even because the company would be owned by/controlled by/exploited by Jews, but because of its logo.

Apparently, just in time for Purim, good old Mr. Higazi must have had trouble sleeping one night. So he brought out his old copy of the Book of Esther and started to read about the exploits of Mordechai the Jew and his niece/adopted daughter Esther, who married the king of Persia. In the end, this lucky liaison saved the Jewish people a lot of grief, but that’s not the point.

The point is, that Mr. Higazi might have been drinking a cup of some hot, watery beverage from Starbucks as he perused the text.  He probably cast a glance at the cup in his hand and suddenly he realized to his horror: the woman on the Starbucks logo must in fact be none other than the Jewish queen Esther, consort of the king of Persia. As proof (if anyone would doubt him), you can see that the woman on the logo wears a crown — as did queen Esther. QED. As soon as Mr. Higazi realized this, there was really only one conclusion: all Arabs and Muslims must boycott Starbucks.

Seriously, next time the Hollywood screenwriters go on strike, Letterman should just open his show by quoting Egyptian TV.

Anyone interested in watching the clip with Mr. Higazi can do so here.


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