Provocations and Peaceful Violence

March 16, 2009 at 13:55 1 comment

A few days ago, Per Gahrton, former leader of the Swedish Green Party and the president of the Swedish Palestine Groups, published an article on Newsmill. His text breathed of anger and disappointment at those who had been rioting during the demonstrations against Israel in Malmö during the Davis Cup match there last weekend.

I rarely, if ever, agree with Gahrton on anything. When he describes Operation Cast Lead as “the Gaza massacre”, and claims that “four hundred Palestinian children were ruthlessly murdered by Israeli phosphor bombs”, then I recognize the familiar ranting nut.

But when Gahrton writes that if the rioters in Malmö would have had even an ounce of solidarity with the Palestinian people, they would have refrained from violence, he definitely has a point.

Many of these so-called “activists” don’t really know anything about the Middle East, and they don’t really care about the Palestinians. They just want to join a fashionable radical-chique cause that gives them an excuse to wear cool clothes and act out – i.e. the things that all teenagers seem to want to do more than anything else.

Gahrton , however, doesn’t seem to draw this obvious conclusion. Instead, he tries to explain the hooliganism in a way that resembles the way friends and family of Yigal Amir like to talk:

“One possibility is that there were infiltrators at work” […] “If the ‘blacks’ despite everything weren’t mercenary provocateurs – then how can one explain their complete ruthlessness toward the Palestinians? Maybe they were racists in disguise?”

Impeccable logic. Who could ever doubt that it could be in any other way?

He then finishes off his article with a not-so-concealed threat:

“I can promise one thing – if an ethnic Swede dressed in black with a scarf over his nose shows up at coming Palestine demonstrations, I can’t guarantee that my Palestinian friends will keep as calm as they did in Malmö.”

There you have it: genuine supporters of the Palestinians are peaceful, and if you aren’t, these peaceful people are going to beat you up.

Anyone interested in the whole article can find it here.


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  • 1. Alexander Ploner  |  March 17, 2009 at 16:58

    Scurrilous indeed: Note that the implied threat of violence is tied to the (perceived) ethnicity of an offender – that does appear a teensy bit racist, doesn’t it?

    Also, one wonders whether the Forces of Evil ™ pulling off this latest bit of conspiracy would be unable to recruit someone with a more Mediterranean complexion… hell, if they want to go for serious effect, they might even have them grow a beard before they go out and vandalize on camera…


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