Political Prostitution II

March 24, 2009 at 09:35 Leave a comment

The Labor Party, once the leading political force in Israel, has seen better days. In fact, the party of Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin has been in a steady decline for the last decade or so. In the elections a month ago, the party confirmed this trend by losing so many seats that it now — for the first time ever — is merely the fourth largest party in the Knesset, after Kadima, Likud and Israel Beiteinu.

Immediately after the elections, the Labor members of Knesset decided that they must take the consequences and go into opposition. Nonetheless, the party chairman Ehud Barak couldn’t stick to that decision and today it was announced in Israeli and international media that he has also signed a deal with Netanyahu to join the new government. He personally, but so far not his party.

Now, the question is: why is it so important for Barak to join the Netanyahu government that he’s willing to sacrifice what pitiful remnants of dignity and credibility he and the Labor Party had? Is he really that greedy and desperate to cling to power?

Or could it be that he knows something that we don’t know? Is he perhaps willing to subject himself to the scorn and contempt of the nation in order to save it from the looming threat of an imminent Iranian attack? Is he in fact  a national hero and a great statesman? Our redeemer perhaps?

Obviously, I don’t know, but it still seems to me that Barak by this move has qualified for the title “biggest political whore of all times”. (Sorry Shimon, you come in second yet again.)


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