A Dog’s Life

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Just like his British colleague, it seems that the Jordanian monarch, king Abdullah, has a great love for dogs. I must say I find this most endearing, but wonder how the royal family dodges theological objections that some Muslims might raise to a descendant of the prophet Mohammad having canine companions.

Instead, I want to direct your attention to another sensitive subject connected to the royal pet.

Like so many of his subjects who can afford to escape the less developed health services on the East Bank, King Abdallah’s favorite dog has apparently been receiving medical treatment in Israel for quite some time. Thus it was only natural that now, when he fell ill again some time ago, he would once again be brought over to Israel for treatment.

This is a sensitive issue at the best of times, but unfortunately this time around the royal pet fell ill at the worst possible timing — during Operation Cast Lead, when any kind of connection with Israel or Israelis was deemed highly politically incorrect in the Hashemite Kingdom. Nonetheless, the dog was brought here — in the strictest secrecy — to undergo emergency surgery at the Beit Dagan veterinary hospital.

But alas, not even the Israeli vets could save the beloved dog, who passed away in their care. And now, as if this death in the family wasn’t traumatic enough as it was, the whole affair has become public knowledge.


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