Of Gold and Empty Clichés

May 21, 2009 at 19:48 Leave a comment

The Israeli public calendar has its fair share of ceremonial days, when the president, prime minister and other potentates get together to repeat the same old clichés we heard them repeat last year. (Why does it always make me think of New Year’s?) We’ve just suffered through yet another one of these holidays — this time it was Jerusalem Day, celebrating the reunification of the Holy City at the climax of the Six Days War in 1967.

The usual speeches were, of course, delivered, and the same old solemn promises were heard never ever to divide Jerusalem again. Ever. At least not between us and someone else. Getting out of the capital, never a particularly pleasant experience, was especially annoying, since the public transport system was clogged up with flag-waving teenagers, high on rhetoric and hormones.

If there’s any bright spot on the night sky that is Jerusalem Day, it has to be the music. For twenty four hours, Galgalatz replaces Lady Gaga with Ofra Haza (z”l), the queen of sensual Zionist serenades.


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