Sex Gum

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Under the headline “Why Are the Media Silent about the Sex Gum?”, Per Gudmundson, op-ed columnist at Svenska Dagbladet, had a brilliant comment on Boströmgate in yesterday’s paper:

The Israeli military refuses to even comment on the issue. But Islam Shahwan, spokesman for the Hamas police in the Gaza Strip doesn’t hesitate. 

The affair was revealed when a Palestinian reported that his daughter had been acting strangely after having chewed gum. Shahwan later confirmed that the police had seized an Israeli poison that increases the sex drive — treacherously disguised as gum.

‘The Israelis seek to destroy the Palestinian social infrastructure and harm the young generation by spreading drugs and sex stimulants’, Shahwan said.

The coverage has been modest. ‘The world keeps silent in fear of being labeled anti-Semites’, Åsa Linderborg, the cultural editor at Aftonbladet, recently wrote on a similar topic. It was said that ‘those who just dismiss the issue as a bluff and conspiracy theories, are blinded by loyalty to Israel’. 

It’s ‘time to investigate this macabre activity’, Donald Boström wrote. I agree. Where can I get some of this gum?

If you want to read the Swedish original, you can do so here. If you want to read more about the issue on Gudmundson’s own blog, you can do so here.


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