Happy New Year!

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Summer is — almost — over, and yet again Rosh Ha-Shanah is upon us. One thinks about what one has achieved over the last year, and realizes that the speed of time seems to accelerate.

To avoid plunging into stress-induced depression, I recommend a little poetic diversion fit for New Year’s Eve.

Ok, I know that some readers might raise one or two objections. First of all, it’s not that New Year’s Eve. Secondly the poem is in Swedish, thus severely limiting the number of people who can enjoy it.

Well, if I ever find any writings by Alfred Tennyson that deals with some Jewish holidays, I’ll be sure to post it on this blog promptly. As for the linguistic objection, let me offer you this version of the classic poem — translated into transpiranto:

Ding, dinka, gong, in tuff sülwesternatta al boreal neon et terrans glace; antiko anno kojas quasi kass… ding rekviem sür akva et rabatta.

Ding in novella et dong wæck senilo in tremulant annal-moment primær. Ding wæck la bluff ex tellus’ landamær, et dong in pravda pro noj instabilo.

Ding pensum wæck ex sinkabirum tristo, dong analgetika in büstfraktur. Ding wæck la groll dell social natur et dong in pax al species humanisto.

Ding, dinka, dong … et schas epidemia! Matængas, klan processas plus potent. Ding wæck loj bast dell mille incident, dong in la pacifista monarkia! 

A. Tennyfilio/E. Fredino in Transpiranto par Ludoviko Hagwaldo

שנה טובה ומתוקה לכולכם


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