The Old Wives at Aftonbladet

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On April 15 2010, Aftonbladet – the Swedish tabloid which gave us the bubbe meise that the IDF kills Palestinians in order to sell their organs – did it again.

This time, the paper claims that Israel has “a new goal”: to expel all the Palestinians from the West Bank. Reading the article, penned by the Hezbollah-fan Andreas Malm, one gets the impression that Israel is getting ready to deport Palestinians from the homes en masse and replace them with Jewish colonists.

According to Malm, this is Israel’s “the core activity” and he states that “the state of Israel in an entity for the expulsion of a people from its land”. He then goes on to say sarcastically that the Swedish friends of Israel probably won’t voice any protests.

Chances are that he’s right. They probably won’t say anything about this barbarism — since it’s a figment of Malm’s own overheated imagination.

Malm refers to an article in Haaretz from April 11 2010, which talks about a new military order that will enable the IDF to send infiltrators from Gaza back to where they came from – hardly the mass expulsion of the “aboriginal population” that Malm writes about.

In addition, Haaretz published another article on April 14 2010, describing how the IDF had explained to senior Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian official that the new order was not a carte blanche for mass expulsions.

That was the day before Malm’s accusation of impending deportations was printed.

What’s wrong with Aftonbladet? Are they really that sloppy in their fact-checking? Or maybe their subscription to Haaretz just happened to run out on April 13?


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