Meanwhile, over at the Deep End…

May 15, 2010 at 18:43 2 comments

Openly expressed antisemitism is relatively rare in Sweden. Sure, people will say that “the Jews” abuse the Holocaust to support Israel every now and then, but one almost never hears anyone say that the Jews actually caused the Holocaust.

But it happens.

Ove Svidén of the World Peace Foundation claims that the Jews were behind not only the Holocaust, but also Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the murder of foreign minister Anna Lindh, the establishment of the Bank of England and an assortment of other calamities, big and small. His proof for this sensational information? “Spiritual experiences”, according to this article in Dagens Nyheter.

Quite sensational, I must say. A memorable day in the history of modern-day Swedish anti-Semitism, indeed.

The fact that Mr. Svidén is one of the Center Party’s – hopefully soon to be former – candidates in the parliamentary elections in September doesn’t exactly make the story any less sensational.

UPDATE: Already yesterday, the Stockholm district of the Center Party announced that Mr. Svidén no longer is a candidate for that party in the upcoming elections. They’ve also asked the Center Party to revoke his party membership, and the president of the Stockholm district, Per Ankersjö, strongly condemned Mr. Svidén’s antisemitic rants on his blog.  All according to this article in Svenska Dagbladet.


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  • 1. אליק  |  May 15, 2010 at 21:50

    These are quite impressive fellows, these Jews. Where can you join in?

  • 2. Rita  |  June 1, 2010 at 10:05

    Were the Jews also responsible for the disappearance of the dinosaurs? I bet he thinks so.


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