Missing the Point

June 13, 2010 at 16:56 Leave a comment

Last week, legendary White House correspondent Helen Thomas resigned amidst a storm of criticism following statements she recently made at, oh the irony, a Jewish heritage event in Washington.  

This is big news of course, and the Swedish Public Radio show Medierna (“The Media”) aired a segment on the events on June 11. Unfortunately, the item hasn’t been published on the internet yet, so I haven’t been able to listen to it. I did, however, read the accompanying text on the homepage of Medierna, and was a little puzzled by the description of the affair.

According to the text, Ms. Thomas had to go “after harsh words about Israel’s policies.” It might be a typo, or maybe the good people at Swedish Public Radio never heard what Ms. Thomas actually said, or maybe they just don’t understand English. She wasn’t forced to resign because she was critical of this or that Israeli policy. She resigned because she wanted to abolish the state of Israel per se – not modify its policies.

An interesting aside to this story is the one comment left on Medierna’s homepage by a listener. The listener, as opposed to the person who wrote the text on the homepage, has at least understood Ms. Thomas – and since she’s of Polish descent she’s terrified by the prospect of her homeland being swamped by unwanted and ungrateful Jews who don’t belong there. She finds this to be nothing but “a bad joke” considering how the Jews “left the Polish nation to its fate” after the War, despite the fact that the Poles always have been so good to the Jews.


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