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Reepalu Revisited

I know I haven’t blogged much lately, but I’ve been busy working – believe it or not. In order to strengthen my credibility, behold the fruit of my labor.


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An Agent Uncovers His Tracks

In 1973, the two Swedish journalists Peter Bratt and Jan the-KGB-agent Guillou exposed an illegal organization that surveyed leftwing extremists in Sweden. One of the agents whose cover they blew was Gunnar Ekberg, and he and his wife had to flee the country in a dramatic escape until things calmed down.

Now, more than thirty five years later, Ekberg is finally able to tell his side of the story. In his memoirs De ska ju ändå dö: tio år i svensk underrättelsetjänst (“They’ll Die Anyway: Ten Years in the Swedish Intelligence Service”) he tells the fascinating tale of how he was recruited by the Swedish intelligence service. He describes how he infiltrated various extreme leftwing organizations dreaming of an armed revolution in Sweden, and how he even managed to get inside a Palestinian terrorist organization and avert at least one terror attack.

My full review of Ekberg’s memoirs can be found here.

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Still Making Waves in Berlin and Jerusalem

Two interesting news items in the wake of the Flotilla to Gaza in the end of May:

1) In a race to be the first to point the finger of blame, the IDF is expected to dump the responsibility for the whole mess on the navy in a report presented to the chief of staff Ashkenazi and the minister of defense Barak today. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court gave the government’s committee that will look into the issue sharper teeth.

2) The German minster of the interior, Thomas de Maizière, banned the IHH from working in Germany. IHH is the Turkish organization that stood behind the Flotilla, and it’s outlawed in Germany due to its funding of, and cooperation with, the Palestinian terror organization Hamas.

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The Limits of Media Sympathy

On June 26 2006, Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas in a cross-border raid into Israeli territory. Since then, he’s been kept imprisoned in the Gaza Strip with no contact what so ever with his family or even representatives from the Red Cross.

It’s been more than four years.

The Shalit family has done just about anything to secure the release of their son, but so far to no avail. In a last-ditch attempt to secure a deal between the government and the kidnappers, they’ve organized a march from their home in the north all the way to Jerusalem. There, Noam and Aviva Shalit have pledged to camp out in the political center of the nation until Gilad will return home.

The media has been very sympathetic to the plight of the Shalit family from the very beginning. Various outlets have extensively covered the struggle for Gilad’s release, including this last initiative. Every day since the march left for Jerusalem last week, there have been items in the papers and on television talking about various aspects of Gilad’s captivity, political and psychological implications and what must be done to bring him back home.

That is until today.

Today the march will reach Tel Aviv, and all of a sudden it’s treated as a traffic problem.

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Kippa and Peyes – Criminal Provocation?

Here and there in Europe, the authorities are waking up to the growing problem of antisemitic violence in the streets. In the Netherlands, the police have decided to launch a project of “decoy Jews”, that is policemen dressed up as Jews who will be able to catch people who attack Jews – or at least officers posing as Jews – red-handed.

This seems like a great idea to me, and the Dutch police have already employed a similar strategy with decoy homosexuals (degays?) in order to arrest violent homophobes.

Everyone is not happy about the deployment of the decoy Jews, however. One critic is a Amsterdam counselor from the Green Left Party, Eyelien van Roemburg, who – according to this report – criticized the initiative saying that the police’s using decoys actually provokes a crime, which in itself is illegal in the Netherlands.

Being openly Jewish in public is criminal provocation? What a lovely snapshot of Europe, 2010.

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