Kippa and Peyes – Criminal Provocation?

July 4, 2010 at 07:07 Leave a comment

Here and there in Europe, the authorities are waking up to the growing problem of antisemitic violence in the streets. In the Netherlands, the police have decided to launch a project of “decoy Jews”, that is policemen dressed up as Jews who will be able to catch people who attack Jews – or at least officers posing as Jews – red-handed.

This seems like a great idea to me, and the Dutch police have already employed a similar strategy with decoy homosexuals (degays?) in order to arrest violent homophobes.

Everyone is not happy about the deployment of the decoy Jews, however. One critic is a Amsterdam counselor from the Green Left Party, Eyelien van Roemburg, who – according to this report – criticized the initiative saying that the police’s using decoys actually provokes a crime, which in itself is illegal in the Netherlands.

Being openly Jewish in public is criminal provocation? What a lovely snapshot of Europe, 2010.


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