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The Malmö Monologue Continues

If anyone thought that all would be peaches and cream in Malmö now after the mayor established the Dialogue Forum, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you.

On October 2, a seventeen-year-old member of the Christian Democratic Party’s youth movement, who had criticized the mayor Reepalu for his lax attitude to antisemitism, was attacked and beaten up on his way home from school.

Fortunately, and rather surprisingly, the police actually managed to apprehend the assailant this time – partly because he had published a threat on the victim’s Facebook page a few months ago, stating “You’ll die, Jew lover”.


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Nuclear Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

An Iranian official calls for a crack-down against cigarettes smuggled into the Islamic Republic. The reason is not – as someone might foolishly believe – that cigarettes cause bad breath, yellow teeth, lung cancer and other unpleasantness. No, the Iranian official warned that “the Zionists” behind the international tobacco company Philip Morris (no, not Phillip Morris) fill their cigarettes with radioactive waste and pigs’ blood – thus rendering them not only extra lethal but also haram.

Nordic Dervish points out how fortunate it is that the perfidious Jews at least haven’t been able to get their hands on the locally produced Iranian cigarettes. Pious Iranian smokers can safely continue with their nasty habits as long as they stay away from the foreign brands.

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Reepalu Revisited

I know I haven’t blogged much lately, but I’ve been busy working – believe it or not. In order to strengthen my credibility, behold the fruit of my labor.

July 27, 2010 at 07:23 4 comments

Kippa and Peyes – Criminal Provocation?

Here and there in Europe, the authorities are waking up to the growing problem of antisemitic violence in the streets. In the Netherlands, the police have decided to launch a project of “decoy Jews”, that is policemen dressed up as Jews who will be able to catch people who attack Jews – or at least officers posing as Jews – red-handed.

This seems like a great idea to me, and the Dutch police have already employed a similar strategy with decoy homosexuals (degays?) in order to arrest violent homophobes.

Everyone is not happy about the deployment of the decoy Jews, however. One critic is a Amsterdam counselor from the Green Left Party, Eyelien van Roemburg, who – according to this report – criticized the initiative saying that the police’s using decoys actually provokes a crime, which in itself is illegal in the Netherlands.

Being openly Jewish in public is criminal provocation? What a lovely snapshot of Europe, 2010.

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After 30 Odd Years of Peace

On June 5, the Egyptian Supreme Court handed down a ruling, giving the final green light to the new law stripping all Egyptian men married to Jewish Israeli women of their Egyptian citizenship – Muslim or Christian Israeli women can still marry Egyptians without their husbands losing their citizenship.

The law could be criticized for being discriminatory, but Nabil el-Wahash, the lawyer who initiated the law, explains that it is in fact a necessary step to protect Egyptian national security. Since offspring of such a union would be Jewish, and the Israeli Law of Return states that any Jew is eligible for Israeli citizenship, they might take Israeli citizenship and maybe even serve in the Israeli armed forces, heaven forefend.

The Supreme Court agreed with Mr. el-Wahash, and ruled that Egyptian men married to Israeli Jewish women should be stripped of their citizenship.

I’m shocked and appalled by this flawed law and small-minded ruling by the court. This law does in no way protect the Egyptian national security in a satisfactory manner. Israeli men can in fact also transfer their Israeli citizenship to their offspring, even though their children aren’t halakhically Jewish. Furthermore, Jews all over the world could potentially accept Israeli citizenship at any moment – for themselves and for their children.

How can the Egyptian legislators allow such a glaring breach in the nation’s security? The only way to prevent “a new generation of Egyptians ‘disloyal to Egypt and the Arab world'”, is to forbid Egyptian citizens to marry Jews, any Jews, altogether.

June 20, 2010 at 10:45 3 comments

Missing the Point

Last week, legendary White House correspondent Helen Thomas resigned amidst a storm of criticism following statements she recently made at, oh the irony, a Jewish heritage event in Washington.  

This is big news of course, and the Swedish Public Radio show Medierna (“The Media”) aired a segment on the events on June 11. Unfortunately, the item hasn’t been published on the internet yet, so I haven’t been able to listen to it. I did, however, read the accompanying text on the homepage of Medierna, and was a little puzzled by the description of the affair.

According to the text, Ms. Thomas had to go “after harsh words about Israel’s policies.” It might be a typo, or maybe the good people at Swedish Public Radio never heard what Ms. Thomas actually said, or maybe they just don’t understand English. She wasn’t forced to resign because she was critical of this or that Israeli policy. She resigned because she wanted to abolish the state of Israel per se – not modify its policies.

An interesting aside to this story is the one comment left on Medierna’s homepage by a listener. The listener, as opposed to the person who wrote the text on the homepage, has at least understood Ms. Thomas – and since she’s of Polish descent she’s terrified by the prospect of her homeland being swamped by unwanted and ungrateful Jews who don’t belong there. She finds this to be nothing but “a bad joke” considering how the Jews “left the Polish nation to its fate” after the War, despite the fact that the Poles always have been so good to the Jews.

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Meanwhile, over at the Deep End…

Openly expressed antisemitism is relatively rare in Sweden. Sure, people will say that “the Jews” abuse the Holocaust to support Israel every now and then, but one almost never hears anyone say that the Jews actually caused the Holocaust.

But it happens.

Ove Svidén of the World Peace Foundation claims that the Jews were behind not only the Holocaust, but also Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the murder of foreign minister Anna Lindh, the establishment of the Bank of England and an assortment of other calamities, big and small. His proof for this sensational information? “Spiritual experiences”, according to this article in Dagens Nyheter.

Quite sensational, I must say. A memorable day in the history of modern-day Swedish anti-Semitism, indeed.

The fact that Mr. Svidén is one of the Center Party’s – hopefully soon to be former – candidates in the parliamentary elections in September doesn’t exactly make the story any less sensational.

UPDATE: Already yesterday, the Stockholm district of the Center Party announced that Mr. Svidén no longer is a candidate for that party in the upcoming elections. They’ve also asked the Center Party to revoke his party membership, and the president of the Stockholm district, Per Ankersjö, strongly condemned Mr. Svidén’s antisemitic rants on his blog.  All according to this article in Svenska Dagbladet.

May 15, 2010 at 18:43 2 comments

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